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All About the Show:

Mary Ann Shallcross Smith has a doctorate in education and leadership. She is owner of Dr. Day Care and the nonprofit Kids Klub. Dr. Shallcross Smith has been a board member of the Rhode Island Foster Parent Association for the past ten years. She is also the Chair of the Legislative Sub Committee. Amy holds a Bachelors degree in Arts in Political Science and Economics in 2000. In 2006, Amy graduated with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI..


Our combined experiences have taught us that our community is in need of more resources geared to preparing young women for their chosen professions as well as enhancing skills for the seasoned professional woman.  It has been our experience that young girls have to unlearn many unconscious behaviors taught in early childhood that might be counter-productive to their careers.  These behaviors are often subtle yet sabotaging.  For example, some stereotypical learned behaviors for girls include being polite, soft-spoken and compliant.   And while these behaviors are rewarded in childhood, they can prove to have negative consequences in their professional lives.


We believe that women need easy access to learn effective ways to navigate and advance in our competitive society.  This program is designed as a forum where women can frankly share their successful behaviors, thoughts and experiences that they believe have given them the competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our goal is to show how women can begin, with these ideas and resources, to grow into their roles as leaders.  This program will not only provide easy, free access to role models for success, but will also afford community leaders an opportunity to give back to the community.  When we help one person, we help all people.


The taping of the public access show will be held at the Lincoln COX Station located right off of 146N.


Please pass this information on to family, friends, or others who learn about and celebrate women in business!


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Information for guests on the Women's Business show:

Date of the show: We tape the last Tuesday of every month.

Time to Arrive: between 9:15-9:25 am for a short discussion about the show with Mary Ann & Amy

Show taped at: 9:30/9:40am

What to wear? Dressy Casual, Medium-Dark colors (Black, Grey, Blue, Red, Green, etc.)

Where: Cox Channel 18 Lincoln

Located right off 146N.

Channel 18 is located in the lower parking lot to the left. 

Address: 1320 Eddie Dowling Highway (route 146), Lincoln, RI 01865





203 Concord Street, Suite 301, Pawtucket, RI 02860
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